Available for you 

  • Website Repair & Maintenance - Abandoned by your webmaster?  I can bring your site up to date, and make the modifications you need to stay relevant.  
  • [on hold] Low Cost Websites and Workgroup Environments - I am hoping to find a platform to replace Classic Google Sites, because the New Sites is no longer intended for business websites and has stripped-down capabilities.  Of the dozens of Classic sites that I built, a select few will be re-created on some other platform, and the rest either auto-migrated to the New Sites platform or exported via Google's "Takeout" function, which retains the page layout and content but not the internal links.
    Here's how I used to promoted my services based on the Classic Sites:
Want a site that can be rapidly built, and then mostly maintained by yourself?  Select one of the many shareable templates, and I will get you started, and provide back-up assistance should you encounter problems.  (Tupanstix.com is an example of a good-looking website based on a shareable Google Sites template.)

For committees and workgroups, using a private website as a central location for communication and work sharing offers distinct advantages. Topics can be arranged in a tree-like hierarchy, and easily re-arranged as required. The sites can accommodate both traditional documents and links to external resources.
  • JOOMLA Management & Upgrades - Does your good-looking Joomla-based website seem daunting to maintain?  Let me do the tech stuff for you, so you can properly focus your energy on content, and save yourself the trouble and money of a new design. 

Larry Levine - web work

  • Facebook - politics, culture, empathy, surreal lunacy (e.g., motivator posters)

  • North Coast Chapter CNPS - designer/webmaster (Joomla).  Facebook feed embedded in home page.  Removed the right sidebar, Nov. 2017 to widen main content. This site uses shared editing - so occasionally the internal layout of the content blocks may stray a bit from conventional design standards!

  • Virtual Wildflower Show 2020 - using Classic Sites and offsite storage for photo galleries.
  • CNPS Quarterly Gatherings - designer/coordinator, four sites per year (Google Sites)

  • Rare Plant Inventory - designer/manager of 7th edition Online Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants - a heavily modified Perl database app originally from Slovenia, still being used because it can do things the 8th edition can't.

  • VoiceofRoma.com - See screenshot below, because design and management will change soon! Longtime designer/webmaster of the depicted hand-coded SSI site, with the body sub-topics swapped using javascript. Most everything was my fault, except for the lovely violet/gold landing page and banner graphics, and the cool rounded blue border around the content.

more screenshots

  • Jeff Burleigh Legacy - data monkey gig - automating the conversion of photo meta data from MS-Access to Coppermine gallery

  • Blogging
    - Initial work on MySpace was salvaged and recreated on Blogger. See Balkan page for link.

  • MeyeSpace - Before Facebook, we tried to out-compete each other with ingenious and/or nauseating page hacks. My trademark profile photo was an infra-red close-up of my eyeball. The occasionally used 'fiesta' version is on right.